It is the responsibility of YOU as the customer to understand the legality of the item(s) you are purchasing.  We at Wynter Arms are knowledgeable of the laws and regulations pertaining to the firearms that we sell, in various states. BUT, the information we provide related to the products you may purchase is not legally binding. We may offer our perspective, but it is the responsibility of you as the customer to understand the legality of the item(s) that you are purchasing. in The items for sale on our website are restricted only to adults who are legal citizens of the United States. There may be further restrictions on items based on the state/county/city in which you reside. These items include, but are not limited to, ammunition, firearms, stock sets, and magazines.  
Wynter Arms will not be held legally responsible for any items refused by your FFL.  It is up to you to contact your chosen FFL to inquire about the legality of transfer regarding the items you are ordering, prior to placing your order.
Wynter Arms assumes no responsibility for negligent behavior associated with the improper use of our products.
Custom Projects:
All custom projects require at minimum, a predetermined down-payment to begin production. Down-payments on custom projects are NOT eligible for refund. Additionally, all project timeline estimates are SIMPLY ESTIMATES, NOT guarantees. Our work is notoriously difficult, and revisions are part of our job, but this makes time estimates subject to significant variation (projects may be completed much sooner, or much later than originally planned). As stated in our refund policy, custom projects cannot be refunded.