Plating Processes

24k Gold

Gold Desert Eagle

We use real 24k gold (>99.7%) gold. In our process we first nickel plate, and use a hardening agent, and lay down a thick 40 micro-inch gold coating to make our finish as durable as possible. 

This finish is recommended to those who want a luxury firearm, that still can occasionally be used. Although our coating is as durable as it gets for gold. Gold inherently can wear with consistent use. 

If you are looking for an even more durable gold coating, our PVD Gold Titanium Nitride coating may be a better option. Visually, 24k gold is as stunning as it gets, and is ideal for any firearm that will spend most of its time on the wall as an art piece.

Bright Nickel

Our bright nickel coating maintains the beautiful appearance of mirror polished steel, but with increased durability. It is more scratch resistant than bare steel, and gives a glossy look that is impressive to the eye.


Gold Titanium Nitride (TiN)

Gold titanium nitride (TiN) is similar in color to real 24k gold, but is significantly more durable. This is the same coating that Magnum Research uses in their tiger stripe Desert Eagle. Compared to 24k gold, it does not have quite as much of a mirror finish, but nonetheless, is beautiful to look at. 

This finish is geared towards those who want the gold look, but also want to use their firearm more consistently. It is most popular for those who want gold Glock slides.

If you think your firearm will typically be more of a beautiful art piece on the wall –> go with 24k gold.

If you think your firearm will be getting more use at the range –> go with gold TiN.

Black DLC

Following a mirror polish, black DLC appears as a stunning, deep black color. It is incredibly durable, and pairs remarkably well together with our 24k gold on a firearm.

Gunmetal CrN (MetalFlow)

Appears as a gunmetal/metallic color.

MetalFlow is a CrN based coating, but harder and smoother than CrN. MetalFlow has high impact resistance as well as low friction characteristics.

Copper Duplex


Appears as a copper/bronze/pink color.

This coating is a combination of Ion Nitriding (case hardening), followed bya nano-layer coating. This coating is designed for maximum abrasion resistance. It should be noted that Duplex coating is done at 950 degrees F, so certain metals that cannot tolerate high heat will lose some core hardness. 

Bright Blue

Appears as a deep blue color. Is a great accent color with our black DLC and/or with our 24k gold coatings.